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Cook Protocol

Cook Protocol is a completely decentralized cross-chain asset management platform built for investors and professional asset managers to unlock an entirely new universe of DeFi innovations.


Cook Protocol will tap into the crypto asset management market, which is currently valued at hundreds of billions of dollars and is growing exponentially. Cook Protocol allows investors to select appropriate investment choices provided by fund managers. We provide investors with a sleek and straightforward interface and fund managers with powerful trading tools.


  • User-friendly UI: A simple, sleek interface to help users navigate through sophisticated DeFi land
  • Investment variety: Index-based and actively-managed funds
  • Security & transparency: Fund security and information transparency guaranteed by smart contract

Asset Managers

  • Lower initialization fees: The elimination of hefty legal and various fees to begin fund management and receive money from investors
  • Professional trading tools: Access to various blockchain-based money markets and trading tools, such as the token price predictive model
  • IP protection: No need to open-source investment strategies

What is Cook (COOK) token used for?

COOK tokens are governance tokens that can accomplish a variety of updates on the protocol.

Update DeFi Whitelist

The entire community of Cook token holders can decide whether to add or remove a particular DeFi protocol to the protocol-level whitelist

Adjust Platform Fee

Cook token holders can decide to increase or decrease fees charged on the Cook Protocol platform.

Modify Governance Model

If token holders are unsatisfied with the current governance model, they can propose modifications to better serve their interests.

Change Pricing Oracle

Cook Protocol uses a price oracle to calculate the investment fund values. Token holders can vote to have the price oracle updated.

Add New Features

Cook tokens can also be used to vote on adding features at the protocol-level.

Mining: 60%

Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards.

Community Incentive & Airdrop: 10%

Part of the tokens is used to bootstrap the ecosystem.

Early Community: 10%

Tokens reserved for private sale to early community members willing to contribute to our ecosystem.

Business & Media Partnership 10%

Rewards for marketing and partnership.

Team 10%

Tokens allocated to the core developers and team members on a price-based release schedule after a 90-day cliff.


  • 2020 Q2Cook Protocol Team Assembled
  • 2020 Q3Cook Protocol Proof of Concept
  • 2020 Q4White Paper Released
  • 2021 Q1Cook Protocol Architecture & UI Design Release
  • 2021 Q1Uniswap Listing
  • 2021 Q1Cook Leverage Open Source
  • 2021 Q2Cook DeFi Index Release
  • 2021 Q2Columbus Version Integration Testing
  • 2021 Q2Cook Protocol Third-party Audit
  • 2021 Q2Columbus Version Release on Ethereum Mainnet
  • 2021 Q3Cook Protocol Ecosystem Development
  • 2021 Q4Magellan Version Release on Ethereum Mainnet

News & Update

Cook Protocol Poised to Revolutionize Decentralized Finance

// Yahoo Finance 11/19/2020 3 min read

Traditionally, large-scale pension and mutual funds have dominated the asset management space. These funds have continued to increase their holdings of alternative investments other than stocks and bonds to seek higher profitability…


Cook Protocol: Decentralized Asset Management Platform

Blockonomi 03/04/2021 7 min read

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the most popular uses of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, providing users around the world with access to financial services and new means to generate gains on their assets…


Cook Protocol: Your gateway to DeFi

// Captain Cook 12/11/2020 2 min read

As the previous article mentioned, although DeFi seems very promising, it is challenging for ordinary investors to participate. With a vision to bring finance to the masses, the Cook Protocol Team has set out to democratize DeFi…


Our Team

Adrian Peng

Graduated from UC Berkeley with four years of experience in the blockchain space. Early investor in crypto projects, including Ethereum, Polkadot, and Filecoin. Tech lead at Google and Oracle. Currently managing frontend & backend development while overseeing the overall product roadmap.

Cage Chen

Top 1% graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and a Silicon Valley engineering veteran. Lead engineer at several top Silicon Valley companies, such as DropBox and C3.AI. Currently serves as tech lead on frontend & backend development.

KP Peng
Strategy Lead

Stanford Engineering School Graduate. Product manager from United Technologies Corporation. Fluent in 6 languages. Has successfully delivered multiple large-scale projects in both corporate America and start-ups. 4 years of experience in the blockchain space.

Matias Dominguez

Graduated from Macquarie University. 5+ years of experience in marketing, community management and growth hacking in English and Spanish worlds. 3+ years in blockchain industry.

Ace Yin

UPenn CS graduate. Product manager from Youtube. Five-plus years of experience in technology operations. Very familiar with the operations in big tech companies and high-growth startups.

Michael Bader

Serial entrepreneur. Ten-plus years of experience in fintech and three years in blockchain. Very passionate about how DeFi can revolutionize the finance sector.

Antonio Wong
VP of Blockchain Development

Senior developer at Wayfair and graduate of Cornell University. Mined first bitcoin in 2013 with seven years of experience in blockchain. Currently working as senior blockchain developer focused on smart contract development.

Rahul Rodrigues
Chief Architect

Fifteen years of experience in software development primarily focused on distributed systems. Former architect at several fintech companies, including Fidelity Investments. Currently focused on smart contract architecture design.


What is Cook Protocol?

Cook Protocol is a completely decentralized asset management platform in the DeFi space built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Why do I need to use Cook Protocol?

Cook Protocol is an open, transparent, and secure protocol, providing investors with more trustworthy investment choices while augmenting fund managers’ trading capabilities.

What is a ckToken?

A ckToken is an LP token that represents the ownership percentage of an investment fund. ckTokens can be redeemed for the underlying assets or traded at any time.

What is the difference between a COOK token and a ckToken?

A COOK token is a governance token used to propose and vote to make changes to Cook Protocol, while a ckToken represents ownership of a specific fund.

How does the Cook Protocol work?

Fund managers can set up smart contracts and configure parameters like investment strategies and management fee. Investors can deposit cryptocurrencies into a smart contract to receive a corresponding amount of ckTokens to represent partial ownership of the fund.

Is Cook Protocol safe?

Cook Protocol is very safe. Fund managers only have trading access but do not have any fund withdrawal access. In addition, Cook Protocol team uses high standards for coding and engages with third party audits to ensure code quality.

What do the protocol's oracles do?

Cook Protocol uses multiple oracle services such as Chainlink, Band Protocol, Uniswap Oracle to get pricing information to determine the fund’s total valuation, the valuation of the assets deposited by investor, and the price of a ckToken.

Who controls the Cook Protocol?

Cook Protocol is managed by a decentralized community of COOK token holders and their delegates, who propose and vote on upgrades to the protocol.

How does Governance work?

Party with at least 1% of COOK total supply can submit a governance proposal for changes on the platform. At least 5% of COOK total supply is required to vote to decide whether to pass the proposal. Passed proposal will get auto-executed within 2 days after voting.

How do I get involved in Cook Protocol Governance?

You just need to possess COOK tokens and then you can cast votes on proposals. You can also delegate your votes.

What is the token tracker url?

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